Bulletin Board: Jan. 28, 2015

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Creating Inclusive Environments for Trans* and Gender Nonconforming People
Wednesday, Jan. 28, 1 to 2:30 p.m.
In the Library, a moderated panel discussion on creating a more inclusive and welcoming environment for trans* and gender nonconforming people, with a specific focus on customer service interactions. General background information about trans* and gender nonconforming people and the issues they face will also be provided. Customer service will be considered from various aspects – inside LBCC, outside of LBCC, and from “both sides of the counter.” Continue reading →


LBCC’s Horticulture Club

The Horticulture Club is an integral group that works with the organic garden and greenhouse on the west side of campus. The club meets in the greenhouse every Tuesday 12 p.m. during scheduled school days.

Joining the club is a simple matter of attending one of their meetings and sharing your contact information with Sunny Green, the club’s president, or contacting the advisor, Stefan Seiter or instructional assistant, Miriam Edell. Continue reading →

Clubs on Campus, Richard Steeves

Clubs on Campus

LBCC clubs gathered in Takena Hall Wednesday, Jan. 14 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. for LBCC’s second annual Club Expo. The goal of the club expo was getting more students signed up for and involved in clubs on campus.

Clubs on hand for the event included: American Association of University Women (AAUW) Student Club, Anime Club, Black Curtain Society, Board Games Club, Campus Ambassadors Christian Community, Gender-Sexuality Alliance, Horticulture Club, Linn-Benton Legends, Phi Theta Kappa, Speech & Debate Club, Students For Life, and Student Leadership Council.

Each club had a table set up with active members ready and willing to answer any club related questions. Some clubs offered candy or trivia games to engage prospective members. The Gender-Sexuality Alliance Club gave out free condoms to promote awareness of safe sex. Continue reading →


Life’s Journey: We All Matter

Though I meant it when I said that the easiest thing in the world to do is to say hello, I do understand how scary this exact endeavor can be. People are not always as kind or as welcoming as we hoped they would be.

Just as we tend to give human characteristics to animals, both real and inanimate, we all often forget that not everyone views the world the same way we do. This projection can sometimes make reality feel like it is crashing down around us.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Realize that every person you see, no matter how cool or popular they may pretend to be, is insecure at times. Everyone has walls, and no matter how haphazard or irrational they may seem to you, it is not your job to forcefully attempt to crash through them. Continue reading →


Advice from Weiss: Tutors, Graduating & Retesting

“I need help. Help with my class work. But I take my classes away from the campus, and it doesn’t really work for me to go to the Learning Center or the tutors.”

Sounds like you may be taking classes at one of our centers in Corvallis, Sweet Home, or Lebanon. It’s important to know that many of the same services that are available at the Albany campus are also available at the centers. Just in smaller amounts.

The centers have writing and math help, tutors, counseling, and accessibility resources, just in smaller amounts than we have available in Albany. You can find out how to access these services by going to friendly folks at the front counter of any center. They will get you to the help you need. Continue reading →


A Simple Lesson on Savings

I find that being surrounded by people smarter than myself benefits me in numerous ways. The simplest of these being that I always have people “in the know” for any situation that may arise. Though this has been helpful throughout my life, I find that the most common use of these connections these days is money, especially since I live month-to-month.

While I consider myself to be fairly astute when it comes to budgeting, three of my best friends excel in the world of finance. So it stands to reason that these three are who I turn to when I have questions.

One of these friends, Nick, has a dual undergraduate degree in economics and chemistry. After dropping out of a doctoral program in chemistry, he found that his life’s path steered him towards finance. Continue reading →

Maria Morri Denim leggings are cool

Leggings: To Wear or Not to Wear

One particular item of clothing has become increasing popular, especially on campus. At Linn-Benton you can’t walk across the quad without seeing someone wearing leggings. That’s right, leggings are everywhere.

“[Leggings are a] popular dress fashion trend for women right now and seem to have replaced denim as a casual wear staple. Leggings also give winter short skirt wearers an option to keep their legs warm,” said Chareane Wimbley-Gouveia, Learning Center coordinator.

Leggings aren’t what they use to be. During the Renaissance period leggings were called hose. Hose were worn by both men and women, and wearing them showed their status in society. Continue reading →


From Roadrunner to Olympian

This week 37 years ago, former Commuter journalist Pete Porter wrote a profile on then-LBCC basketball star Carol Menken. Menken began as an ordinary LBCC student. She graduated from Jefferson High School in 1975 and enrolled at Linn-Benton pursuing graphic arts. She became an extraordinary alumni when she brought home a gold medal in 1984.

Towering at 6′ 4″ Menken joined the LBCC women’s basketball team in her third year. It was the first year ever that LBCC had a women’s basketball team. She helped the lady RoadRunners get off to a fantastic start.

Menken planned to join the Navy following high school but was told by a recruiter that there was a height restriction and she was too tall. After attending for one year she deemed herself not good enough as an artist and changed her major to drafting, essentially becoming a freshman again. Continue reading →


Double Trouble

Linn-Benton suffers double overtime loss in visit to Portland CC.

After starting league play with a 1-1 record, Linn-Benton looked to move up in the rankings by picking up a second win. Portland came into the game with a 6-9 record overall and 0-2 in league play. Coming into the game Linn-Benton knew Portland was going to be tough test.

“We knew PCC was going to play very tough and wouldn’t let up,” said sophomore Trever Cooley.

After a closely contested first half, Portland led at halftime by a score of 27-25. After turnovers hurt the RoadRunners in their last two games, the team looked to play cleaner basketball and limit easy fast break points for Portland. Continue reading →